Monday, April 28, 2014

Lights, Cameria, Runway: Visual Couture Takes Stage

On Sunday, April 27th around 4:00 P.M. students gathered outside of Lane University Center to support Frostburg's very own Visual Couture models. Female and Male students dressed their finest to show the upmost respect to this year’s show. The speakers boomed and the crowd cheered as the lights dimmed and Junior’s Jamal McDaniel and Quinton Brown took stage. “Salute!” Quinton yelled. “Who wants a shout out?” Jamal screamed. “Where my friends at?” The crowd began to cheer and applaud since of course everyone wanted a shout out. “Where my man trippy at?” Jamal yelled. Coming from the center section of the Armah J’monnie Walker replied, “I’m right here Mal. What’s up?” After Jamal and Quinton made a star first appearance they continued back stage and let the models take the runway. A slide show appeared of all model’s presenting what they thought being a Visual Couture model really meant. Some said goofy, while others said diverse. The lights dimmed again and three models in elegant purple gowns strutted their stuff. There was no doubt that they showed everyone what Visual Couture was really about.  Models made the way down the runway one by one and at the end of each run the designer would come out and take a bow, as well as each model one last time. Visual Couture even modeled a student clothing line by the name of DAFT.  They also modeled designers such as, Corjor International, and Dramatic Fanatic.

                The crowd was pleased with Visual Couture’s rather risky outfits this year. The models were poised, professional, and edgy all at the same time. Tons of support from the crowd poured in throughout the entire show. You could hear, “That’s my girl” over and over again. There is no question that the crowd was pleased with what they got. In between each set of designers Jamal and Quinton would once again take stage. During the second half of the show Jamal wanted everyone to “rep” where they came from. He screams, “Where PG County at?” You could hear yells from all over the room. Then he yells. “But where Baltimore at?” Even more noise was made.  Multiple students from the crowd made their way to center stage to show off their dance moves. Shortly after Jamal says, “Happy one year anniversary to Spring 2013 line of Omega Psi Phi, Show them something.” Brothers of the Omega Ps Phi Fraternity Inc. slowly came down and showed everyone their “hops.”  As the show came to an end LaQuasia Burns, president of the organization, brings all models back to the stage, along with the designers to thank everyone for their support. She also announces her appreciation for e hard work and dedication she has received from the models.  Visual Couture made their show classy, sexy, and elegant all in one. They showed how formal runway can stick to its classic ways, but can also be fun and enjoyable.

To support Frostburg’s very own DAFT clothing line you may visit it’s website by clicking here.

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