Thursday, April 10, 2014

How safe is safe at Frostburg State?

Frostburg is a quiet, quaint town in Western Maryland and is home to Frostburg State University, a college that holds students with bright futures and views of beautiful mountains. Formerly known as a party school, Frostburg State has had its problems in the past with students and excessive drinking and marijuana usage, but has since increased their bodies on the Frostburg State University police force and has started to have stricter enforced rules, especially after the stabbing of 19-year-old Kortneigh McCoy by another student at an off-campus party in 2011. After such a tragedy as well as other circumstances with shootings and fires, the school has stepped up with their duty to keep their students safe, so the students of Andrew Duncan’s Journalistic Writing class decided to put Frostburg State’s efforts to the test by asking fellow students on campus, “How physically safe do you feel at Frostburg State University?”

“I grew up in Frostburg, so I don’t feel as though it’s a violent town,” says Mickaela Harrison, a sophomore Biology major and Frostburg native, “I feel pretty safe here because of the emergency buttons everywhere on campus and the quick response of the police if I press one.”

Many other students are in agreement, such as Winny Auguste, a senior Biology major from Lanham, MD and Julius Womack, a sophomore Business Administration major from Waldorf, MD. Auguste states, “I feel safe at Frostburg because the police have stepped up with their duties and plus if I do go out, I’m with a group of friends.” Womack feels quite similar to Auguste, also stating, “Frostburg is pretty safe personally because I don’t get into any crazy stuff, I think about what I’m doing and I hang with the right people. And, the police are everywhere, especially on the weekends.”

Despite the catastrophic occurrences of students at Frostburg State University, many students feel safe to walk to class or to walk to a friend’s dorm at night, and believe that Frostburg has done a better job at protecting their students. Good job, Frostburg.

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