Thursday, April 10, 2014

Frostburg State Has Great Security…Right?

With the increase of safety issues on campus from such recent events as the off-campus house fire and the more recent “masked” man who was groping people, how safe does campus sound? Three male and three female students were asked “How physically safe do you feel at Frostburg State?” and this is what was said.

“Very safe, I feel safe at Frostburg State University.” That was said by sophomore James or “Jc” Ward. He is from Essex in Baltimore county and is majoring in I.T.

“I feel relatively safe depending on the prior day’s interactions while trying to maintain positive relations and my safety.” This was said by Meghan Bernard, a senior at F.S.U. who is studying education and is from Montgomery county.

Then Dillian Brawner, a sophomore here at FSU, said “When I first started at Frostburg I thought that the hill that goes up to Gunter(University Drive), in the middle of campus, that I was going to get shot. Now I feel pretty safe but the ever-present hill is still there.” Dillian is a Art design major and is from Hancock county.

When Danielle McClammy was asked she said “I don't feel safe, people can easily get into other people's dorms. And then these e-mails about people messing with other people, up freakin' security. I don't feel safe at night. Danny is sophomore and Excercise and Sports Science major here at Frostburg State; she's also from the city of Baltimore.

“Safe I feel pretty safe here at night.” said junior Malik Williams. Malik is double majoring with Sociology and Law Society and he lives in Waldorf,MD.

Katie Smith, a junior at Frostburg, said “It's really safe during the day. It's not as safe at night however but safer then my neighborhood at home.” Katie Smith is from Baltimore County, she is also a double major participating in Philosophy and Political Science.

After reading these interviews it can be seen that there are a variety of opinions on the topic “how physically safe do you feel at Frostburg State?” and also good points to be brought up. Should the dorms security be tighter? Should the public themselves become more aware of events that could happen on campus? Although things happen at any and all colleges ours is by far a fair university to be at.

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