Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How About a Semester at sea? March Event Coverage

Frostburg State University's Center for International Education hosted a Study Abroad fair on March 31, 2014 from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.  The fair was held in The Lane University Center Atkinson Room. Rows of tables were set up with various study abroad opportunities from countries such as France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, England, Peru, Mexico, and many more. There were tables displaying Study abroad voyages for a Semester at Sea and also, a table directly displaying Frostburg State’s own Center for International Education.
Victoria Gearhart, who is head of The Center for International Education began the fair by introducing each table and the countries or programs it displayed. “There are so many opportunities and places your life can take you; take the first jump here.” Victoria introduced and welcomed each guest with open arms and a big smile. “We have so many guest from around the world today,” she explained.
Global Links Learning Abroad was the first table in sight when entering the room.  Erica Delrisio, an ambassador for Global Links, was the head representative for this table. She held a smooth Australian accent. I later learned that she was visiting from Sydney, Australia. Within Global Links, Ms. Delrisio explains, “Global Links is the best Study Abroad program for Sports Science and Hospitality Management interests.” She advised everyone how they could be take special trips to Olympic stadiums and excursions during their time overseas.
A very popular table at the fair was the table displaying A Semester at Sea. Ashley Langston was the head ambassador for this table. Ms. Langston explained, “You could travel the entire world in one semester for $22,000. There is no cheaper way; most valuable investment you could ever make. “She was very good at selling her stuff.  There were pamphlets on financial aid, programs of interest, and time charts. There was even a CD-ROM available that displayed a virtual tour of life on the ship. As I watched student after student swarm to this table I began to mosey over to find out what was the hype. Each semester at sea goes different places and changes in price. If you go in the fall you travel to Europe and all its surrounding countries. If you travel in the spring you go across the entire world. This spring is also the most expensive semester to travel. If you travel in the summer you visit England, Norway, Germany, Morocco, Spain, Ireland, and France. The around the world voyage was getting the most questions. Student, Victoria Miller, explained her interest in traveling around the world and how the Semester at Sean would be the perfect opportunity for her.
All in all, The Study abroad fair was a great success. Most students are worried about cost and it deters them away from even attending the informational. Victoria Gearhart expressed, “Financial Aid goes a long way; please feel free to stop by office anytime with any question.” For more information on the Center for International Education please click here.

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