Sunday, April 27, 2014

Art Exhibition Attracts Many Spectators

On Saturday, April 26, 2014, the senior art exhibition Lighter Than Air took place. There was a variety of different artistic mediums presented, such as oil paint, acrylic paint, ceramics, photography, digital prints, etc. One of the first paintings in the gallery was Sunset, which was an oil painting by Linda Magruder. It is a depiction of  beautiful lake scene with bright pink and yellow reflecting off of the water.

Next to sunset is "Reverie", a photograph by Tommy Markowski, which features a girl with red hair and black lace sleeves who is emitting smoke from her right hand. After that is "Genesis" by Dathan Schline. It is a digital print which features a futuristic looking silhouette of a person with multiple shades of blue. "Premonition" by Tommy Markowski is a photograph depicting a woman with dark hair in the snow and a gossamer white blouse holding a lantern which is emitting black smoke. The values of these particular aforementioned pieces of art all range from "price negotiable" to $125.

When Maureen Scianella, student at Frostburg State University, said she chose to attend this particular event because her friend Sara is in it. She says her favorite piece is Sunset and "I love the use of colour and how the rays of light look so realistic."

Madison Lake, Goucher student, says "I really like those  jewelry box things... I just really like that aesthetic. it kind of looks like an I-Spy book on a box." The jewelry boxes she is referring to are adorned with buttons, pendants, earrings and random small novelties such as a small lock like you would see on a young girl's diary.

Frostburg student Shaunita Johnson says her favorite pieces are the Phoenix painting, the Maryland-themed bowls, Sunset, and the koi fish platters. The Maryland bowls are by Sara Volk, and one has a Maryland flag on the inside, while the other has a Baltimore Oriole and a Black-Eyed Susan flower on the inside.

Photographer Tommy Markowski says there will be two more art exhibitions this semester and that his favorite of his own pieces at the exhibition is "Athena's Gaze", which features a woman in gold dress or cloak holding a staff and gazing intently into the distance.

He says that the senior art majors as a group helped organize the event all together and that there is usually "three or four per semester". Markowski goes on to say that the attendance at Lighter Than Air was higher than what these types of events normally attract, saying "it's usually a third of what what was here tonight."

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