Wednesday, April 30, 2014

In Midst of Shooting Threat, Students Still Prepare for Finals

Yesterday night, at around 11 p.m., someone, presumably a student, allegedly threatened to fire gunshots across the school at 5:30 p.m. on today, April 30th, in an anonymous social network called Yik Yak. After students, faculty, and staff were informed by the University Police, many professors cancelled classes and many students stayed inside of their dorms in fear of their lives.

Nonetheless, students still attended the forum in Lane room 113 called "Preparation for Finals", hosted by Mrs. Terri Massie-Burrell, Ph.D, Assistant Provost for Frostburg State University.

Students filed in one by one, lugging backpacks and holding notebooks, pushing their glasses up on their nose, talking to their friends, and taking their seats in front of the projector and Mrs. Massie-Burrell. They sit patiently and anxiously, texting their friends and family before they listened to what Mrs. Massie-Burrell has to say.

"The schedule says 5:00, so we're starting at 5:00," says Mrs. Massie-Burrell, sporting a stylish fro and a huge smile. She directs her head toward a tall girl with a button up denim shirt and an aquamarine blue hat.

"This is my friend, Katrice. Say hi, Katrice!"

Katrice shyly tips her hat, and the presentation begins. Mrs. Massie-Burrell presents slide after slide of tips on getting prepared for finals such as knowing the date of the finals, studying in a room much like where you will take the final, studying early and often, and eating breakfast before the final.

"Do not procrastinate! Don't start studying on Tuesday for an exam on Wednesday. Be proactive," she informs us. She asks questions about where we study for our tests. Many answer with places such as the library and their lounge with a few people saying they study on their couches or in their beds.

"Study sitting up in a well-lit room so you don't fall asleep. Try to be in the same environment you will test in, because you won't test on your bed." The students laugh, and she ends by wishing the students good luck and passing out evaluations for the students to fill out.

The students exit, some sighing from being tired from class and others walking up to her and asking her about Scantrons and her business card for extra help.

The person who made the anonymous threat was found by the Police and our minds were eased by Mrs. Massie-Burrell's tips. Good luck on finals, Frostburg students.