Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Creative Mind of Danielle Mitchell

 The Creative Mind of Danielle Mitchell
 By Jordan Smith, ENGL 336.001

 Danielle Mitchell is twenty year old rising junior at Frostburg State University. She is from North Carolina, but now resides in Prince George's County. Originally majoring in  Business Administration, she soon found herself bored with it and decided  it was not for her. "I know that money is important, but I am doing this for myself" she said. After deciding to change her major to Communication Studies, she also decided to minor in Public Relations, which fit her very well because she a very friendly and sociable. She wants to use these skills when she graduates to either market or PR for products such as Jada Smith's, Will Smith's wife, natural beauty products. She doesn't mind starting with small products, but her goal is to one day market for celebrities.

Danielle is a very creative and outgoing person. Since Freshman year, she has been a member of Frostburg's modeling team ".Paparazzi Perfect". The organization holds fashion shows which showcases a variety of modeling and fashion styles, as well as choreographed turns and combinations. In her free time she enjoys writing, doing artsy crafty things, and shopping. One creative thing I learned she did, was create and revive old clothes. With her creative style, she is able to cut, sew, bleach, and create whole new outfits from her previously worn clothing. As we talked on this subject, we both agreed " you can pretty much make the same style clothing that they are selling in retail stores for half the price of what they are charging."  On top of all of that, Danielle says she can do hair too!

Now as a Junior, she said she is prepared to graduate and move back down to North Carolina. Danielle said she is ready to leave the mountains and be back in some warm weather down south.  She does enjoy Frostburg stating " It is a smaller school and it gives you more time to focus on your school work. The school does humble you and makes you realize what is really important." One thing she did mention that was important, was family. She has  an older brother who is on his 7th year at Morgan State in Baltimore, MD. He is majoring in Electrical Engineering, with a double minor in Computer Science and Statistics. After graduation, he plans on attending graduate school in Chicago. Another important figure in her life is her Mother. Danielle looks to her mom as a role model because she is a strong person who has been very active in her life. Her mother has had to overcome many obstacles, but she has always been a big influential part of Danielle's life.

With her outgoing personality, creative style, and motivation to succeed, the future holds many great opportunities for Danielle.

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