Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kendra Hyater-Davis Dreams Big By: Katie Scott, ENGL 336.001

Kendra Hyater-Davis is in her second semester of her sophomore year at Frostburg State University.    She is 20 years old and was born on August 1, 1993. Kendra lives with her mother, Yolanda, in Suitland, Maryland, which is in Prince Georges County.  Kendra has moved around frequently in the Prince George’s area.  Kendra parents never married and are no longer together, but her parents remain close friends.  She is interracial since her mother and father are both African American and Caucasian.  Her mother is African American and German and her father is African American and Italian.  She has two older half brothers, one on her mother’s side and one on her dads side and one older half sister on her dads side.  Kendra loves animals and is very close with her two dogs that are back at home in Suitland.  Kendra said “I love animals more than people.”  She has an energetic Yorkie named Slick and a feisty Chihuahua named Zora.  It is very evident that Kendra’s family and pets are a very important part of her life.   

Kendra describes herself as “fearless, outgoing and friendly.”  She said she is “loud and will become more outgoing when she gets to know people.”  Her friends and people around her will think something is wrong or she is sick when she is not talking.  Kendra likes being around different types of people.  She said “I like diversity, but I was not able to experience much diversity since most people look like me where I’m from.” However, she said “I was able to experience more diversity when I came to Frostburg.”  Kendra did not go to Frostburg when she finished high school since she went to Marymount University first.  She decided to leave Marymount and transfer to Frostburg because Frostburg was so much cheaper.  Kendra was able to experience the diversity she likes at Frostburg while saving money at a cheaper school.

Kendra decided to join the Mass Communication major and Journalism and Business minors at Frostburg.  Kendra also enjoys participating in campus organizations, she is involved with the African Student Association at Frostburg.  Kendra said “I want to be on TV, if not an actress or TV host, behind the scenes would be cool too, being a journalist or in video production.”  Kendra also wants to move to Manhattan after college.  She said “I love New York City, I visited a few times when my ex boyfriend lived there and I love the hustle and bustle.  I love the fast pace environment and how it motivates you.”  Kendra is excited about her future plans and living in a diverse and exciting place like New York City. 

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