Thursday, February 20, 2014

If you Have Something that Needs Editing I Think you Better Ask: Samantha Politis

If You have Something that Needs Editing I Think you Better Ask: Samantha Politis
                                                by Darik S. vonRigler
            Samantha, or Sam as she likes to be called, last Tuesday told me a little how her life is. Sam's a Mass Communication major and she hasn't yet picked a specific direction in that field. Her accompanying minor to this major is Public Relations. She seems to really enjoy the editing process needed for most video and audio productions. In 2011 , when Road Trip Nation had been at Frostburg State University, she edited the videos for the incoming freshmen who had participated for their orientation class. She is a graduate of Quince Orchard High(located in Montgomery County,MD). She also works at a pottery place teaching the art of pottery and cleaning up after as well.

            While she is open to most music her playing the flute has gotten her put into Frostburg's Wind Ensemble group. Also that she is currently in the on-campus music fraternity Delta Omnicron International or “DO” for short. When asked about a job after school she said “ I don't want to sit behind a desk, but I want to control my job.” She lives off-campus and likes most foods.Her favorite fast food eatery was Chipotle and that “she can eat two burrito bowls in 24 hours.” I haven't had a burrito bowl from Chipotle but I'm sure they are delectable. Something significant that had happened in her life that separated her from all the rest was that she had been adopted with her siblings at a young age. As of right now however she wants to start digging into her own past to find out who her “real” parents are.

            More hobby related things consist of: she enjoyed playing sports while younger,softball and soccer to be exact. She enjoys, movie wise, comedies and horror movies. I asked her what kind of horror and she more clearly said “Saw” which definitely could be classified as horror. She also has been on vacation out of the country a few times and taken a cruise. Oh and if you see her in the next couple of days wish her a belated birthday, because it was Valentine's day.


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