Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bro It Out with Andrew Richardson

Bro It Out with Andrew Richardson
By Samantha Politis, ENGL 336.002

Twenty-year old Andrew Richardson is a Junior studying at Frostburg State University. Richardson grew up in Gaithersburg, Maryland and lived most of his life with his father. Richardson’s parents divorced when he was twelve and he is able to visit his mother every so often at her home in Bethesda, Maryland. Richardson has two older sisters both married and with children. He enjoys being an uncle and is honored to be a Godfather to one of his young nephews.
Richardson had a good time getting to reminisce about his past. The relationships with his sisters have matured as the three siblings have grown older.
“They can’t overpower me anymore!” Richardson says with a smile on his face.
Being the baby of the family with two older sisters, he was often forced to play dress-up with them with the most common outfit being a ballerina! Breaking out of that stage and growing up, Richardson held many lifeguarding jobs throughout his High School years, many of which came with quite interesting stories.
Frostburg State became the school for Richardson thanks to the Lacrosse coach. Richardson played back home and decided to come to Frostburg State to continue being a strong defensive player. Frostburg State was just far enough from home where he felt like he was getting away yet still close enough to get to visit. Richardson lives off campus with a few of his lacrosse buddies and for fun they like to “Bro it out”! Initially, Richardson came to Frostburg State intending to be a business major but soon decided to switch to being an English major with a focus in professional writing with a marketing minor in order to feel more challenged.
Richardson has landed an internship this summer at Blue Coat Systems and gets to work in their marketing and sales departments.  The internship will allow him to work with memos and grants. Richardson thinks “they’re not really creative although I think I’m creative.” He is hoping to stay with this company after he graduates to get to personally work with clients and travel the world!

Richardson has spent the past few years strengthening his studying skills and becoming more academically successful. He really looks forward to what his future holds for him.

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