Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Taylor Williams: Big Family Person

Since her childhood days, when her grandmother would throw parties and special events on Holidays such as Easter, Taylor loved event planning. Williams, standing at about 5'2, possesses a smile so big, it is only right to assume she was a cheerleader. "I cheered from 6th grade until my sophomore year in college." Williams is now in her junior year of college and works for Late @ Lane. She likes to hang with her friends for fun on the weekends claiming "I don't go out too much, i'm broke."

Williams is elder to one sister who will be graduating High School this year. They are from Frederick County where they reside with their mother and father. Williams father has been working at a car shop since he was 16 years old and is now the service manager. Her mom has 2 jobs one of which is at the Hallmark card shop and the other in Hospital which Williams describes her job title as "the fun one" who takes the patients insurance info when they first walk in.

It is easy to see that Williams loves to talk when asked about her family. She claims she is very family-oriented and the scariest moment in her life was when her mother was hospitalized after she fainted at her job. She was diagnosed with high blood pressure but is now doing better and has lost over 50 pounds in 3 months due to some shakes that she has been drinking.

Williams thinks of herself as the comedian in her group of friends saying she can get really weird when she is comfortable. She hopes to one day work at a PR firm, hoping that her event planning major and her marketing minor will take her far. She is a sagittarius and her birthday just passed in D

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