Thursday, February 20, 2014

Natalie Hughes: Classmate Profile

The future is looking pretty bright for Junior Psychology Major Natalie Hughes. An interesting person to meet, Hughes has a number of interests that make her a rather unique individual. Whether it is her love for lacrosse or her love for helping others, she has a number of qualities that people just gravitate towards.

Having grown up in New Jersey for most of her life, it was a complete culture shock for Natalie when she came to Frostburg State University. "The people here are so nice", says Hughes. She definitely enjoys being away from home, as she commuted for two years before transferring to Frostburg State University.

As a psychology major, Hughes enjoys helping others through difficult times and hopes to one day have a career in Drug Counseling. After college however, she wants to go to grad school, most likely somewhere in the Philadelphia area, to further her studies in Psychology while still working.

Natalie is also an English Major, which comes mostly from her mother and how much she helped instill strong writing skills. Her father was also a very big part of her life, as she was always around him. "He is the coolest guy I know", says Hughes.

Spending time with her father helped Natalie become more involved into sports as well. Playing Lacrosse for most of her life, Hughes has surprisingly had the same coach for most of her lacrosse career. "I basically grew up with the same coach for most of my life", says Hughes. She also enjoys playing soccer and field hockey. "I didn't like field hockey as much because I didn't get along with my coach", said Hughes.

Whether it is her interest in helping people, her love for writing, or her many different sports, Natalie Hughes has a lot of qualities that make her someone worth meeting.

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