Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Going the Extra Mile: The Brandon Richardson Story

Growing up in Waldorf, MD, Brandon Richardson is currently a junior at Frostburg State University. Appreciating the mountains and the scenery of Frostburg, Richardson enjoys the change of pace from the urban environment in Waldorf. He is a long way from home, but not too far if you ask him. Richardson has a close bond with his family, and he is glad he is not too far away. He would like to stay close with his tight-knit family—as he wants a tight knit family of five one day—but moving is not out of the question for him. Having interests in radio, advertising, and marketing, Richardson may end up in New York City or Los Angeles.
            “I wouldn’t want to leave, except for Cali,” Richardson explained. “I’d like to go there some day,” he added.
            A mass communications major and public relations minor, Richardson could see himself in a variety of fields. He is also entertaining the thought of joining the FSU Marketing Club.
            “I could see myself in advertising,” he said. “I can sell things to people. See that bottle of water? I could sell you that bottle of water,” Richardson added with a laugh. What draws him to advertising is the use of creativity to market products. He is also considering an internship with a radio station, like 93.9 WKYS or Praise 104.1, as he likes to talk to people.
            Richardson came in to Frostburg with lofty goals, and he is determined to fulfill them. After his first two years of high school didn’t go so well, he turned himself around academically. With the support of his family and high school girlfriend, he managed to earn a 3.8 GPA in his senior year. He hopes to continue succeeding in his classes.
            “I really want to make Dean’s List,” he said. “I’ve been close. I’ve had a 3.0 and a 3.3 but I haven’t made it on the Dean’s List yet.”
            Among his other goals are losing weight and strengthening his faith. He is well on his way to succeeding; He has been to the gym more than a few times in the past week.
            As a resident assistant and a member of both the Advisor Hall Council and the Residence Hall Association, Richardson is active on campus, adding even more to his already full plate.

The ambitious Richardson holds himself to high standards and sets lofty goals, and he is determined to reach them. With the support of his family and girlfriend of two years, he is sure he will accomplish his goals.

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