Friday, February 28, 2014

"Sigmas" Party walk all the way to FIrst Place!

On Saturday, February 22, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. fraternities and sororities apart of the Divine Nine challenged each other at the Iota Phi Theta annual Party Walk competition. Students flooded into the Armah at Lane Center fighting to sit as close to the open floor as possible. Students seats made a perfect "T" in the floor to create enough space for the stroll. On the stage, one alumni from each fraternity and sorority sat next to each other and were declared the judges for the nights competition. The competition goes two rounds allowing each fraternity and sorority a chance to show all they can. The judges choose the winner and the winner is announced later at the after party, which is also held in the Armah of Lane Center. The fraternities and sororities that participated in this years party walk competition were Omega Psi Phi (Ques), Phi Beta Sigma (Sigmas), Kappa Alpha Psi (Kappas), Iota Phi Theta (Iotas), Delta Sigma Theta (Deltas), and Alpha Phi Alpha (Alphas).

Hosted by Iota Phi Theta alumni Chris the "Alphas" opened each round of this years competition. As a surprising change of outfits from previous years the "Alphas" started in black S.W.A.T vests. The "Ques" filled the room with their bright purple shirts, gold boots, and in the second round their retro overalls. The "Sigmas" showed off their blue and white in the first round and shirts for beloved student Lateef Gazel in the second round. The "Iotas" represented their brown and gold in the first round and their "Seductive" pajamas in the second. The "Deltas" rocked their red in jean shorts, white shirts, black boots, and red lipstick or socks. The "Kappas" came in smoothly swinging their red and white canes, ties, white button downs, and black pants.

Every fraternity and sorority created their own playlist and each and every one of them the audience went crazy for. As to be expected some songs were played more than one time, but every time the crowd was more and more excited. The entire competition students were standing up, singing, and dancing with the music. The Armah was filled with constant laughs, smiles, "OOHS," and "AHHS." As I watched the show I heard multiple students yell "This my song!" A crowd favorite this year was the "Nae Nae" dance and song. Every time it was played the crowd was up dancing with the participants.

As the second round came to an end, host Chris ended by saying, "and the winner is... your gonna have to go to the after party to find out!" By the sound of the audience throughout the show it was no secret that this years winners would be Phi Beta Sigma fraternity Inc. otherwise known as the "Sigmas." The "Sigmas" strutted their blue and white stuff both rounds of the show. They dedicated their second round outfits to beloved student Lateef Gazel. Their shirts had Lateef's picture along with a quote. In the second round the "Sigmas" also showed off their some African dance moves and played a song that was also played in Lateef's memorial.

Every year the Party Walk Competition is more and more crowded. Congratulations to Phi Beta Sigma on their win and good luck to all participants next year. To view more pictures from the stroll click here.

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