Friday, February 28, 2014

"Dunk and Donate!" 16th Annual Deep Creek Dunk

Hundreds of freezing cold dunkers ran for heated tents after participating in this year’s 16th annual Deep Creek Dunk. On Saturday February 22, 2014 over one thousand people gathered around deep creek lake for good times, good friends, and freezing dunkers! This event started at 10:00 a.m. and lasted all day. The annual Deep Creek Dunk is held every year to sponsor the Special Olympics. This year successfully raised $141,410. The minimum pledge to dunk is $75 and includes a free sweatshirt that says, “I DUNKED” across the back.

The thousands that traveled to dunk did their best hold tradition on who could come in the craziest costumes! Present at dunk were mermaids, cows, ballerinas, penguins, superheroes, and even a surprise appearance from KISS (at least they thought they were kiss). Dunk, providing an open bar, let everyone get “loose” and laughs were heard from every direction. Aside from Frostburg, Cumberland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia natives much of Frostburg’s on and off campus Greek life attended dunk! There were multiple Greek life members that participated in dunk, me included! There were members from Kappa Gamma Delta, Zeta Phi, Omega Kappa Zeta, Omega Epsilon, Kappa Beta Sigma, Delta Delta, Kappa Chi Kappa, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Sigma Tau, Delta Zeta, Delta Phi Omega, and Sigma Tau Gamma. It is safe to say that Greek life really took over!

After hours of good food, lots of drinks, and music it was time for dunk! The area to dunk was a specific slate of ice that was cut out of the lake. Lining up to dunk, the goal was to run in all the way to flag and slap the hand of a certified emergency diver. The divers were stationed to ensure the safety of all dunkers. After all, that water was below freezing and full of mud. There were so many people dunking that not everyone could go at one time. All dunkers lined up and were counted off in heats to do their dunk. As I stood in line and patiently waited my turn I was sweating from being so nervous. Thankfully my sorority sister Marissa Moran was standing right by side the whole way. Unfortunately, standing next to me was a woman dressed as a cow. I say this unfortunately because I have a fear of cows and I could not understand why the one cow costume in the crowd had to stand next to me. As I stood in disgust of this costume my sister laughed and told the woman I was afraid of her costume. Marissa took the initiative to say “it’s okay she’s just scared of cows.” The woman kindly replied with a “MOO!” Thankfully it was our turn to dunk and I could finally get away from the cow woman. Marissa and I lined up at the starting line and before I knew it all 50 dunkers including myself were half way to the divers. The water was cold and quickly rising up my torso. I made it to the diver as fast as possible while still holding Marissa’s hand! We began to turn around head back to the starting point when my feet felt stuck to the ground! It was mud, so much mud. Marissa used all her strength to pull me with her and we finally made it to the finish line! Freezing cold and soaking wet we made a dash for the heated tents! We had to undress and get warm as fast as possible. Marissa kept shouting, “I CAN’T FEEL MY FEET!” I could not feel mine either, but we had to stick it out and get as warm as we could as fast as we could! As I was dressing I heard so many random people yelling, “My butt is out," “I’m naked help me," and even “Where are my clothes?” We dressed in an open tent full of other woman so these comments were of course normal. The tent was the funniest part of the day.

Dunking lasted about an hour and afterwards most people dashed for food and warmth. After dunking there was more matching “I DUNKED” sweatshirts than crazy costumes. All day long I heard numerous shouts of “I love dunk” and that was a beautiful thing. Dunk is a fun activity for a good cause. I am glad to see that our surrounding areas and our campus is active in the community. 

Deep Creek Dunk is held every February and encourages people of all ages to participate. In order to find contact information, make a donation, support a dunker, sign up for next years dunk, and just for a general knowledge of the event click here.

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