Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mark Langley, "I'm Slightly Ignorant." - Classmate Profile

Mark Langley is a 20 year old Junior at Frostburg State University. Born in Baltimore Maryland Mark grew up with his mother and three older siblings. Marks sister works for a bank, and two brothers attend CCBC and Dickinson. Mark's mother, who is also one of his biggest role models works at memorial hospital. "She hold's it down," he explains.  Mark’s father, who is not currently present at home, is serving time in prison. Mark’s father has been incarcerated since Mark was in kindergarten. “My dad went to jail for double homicide, when I asked him about it his answers were inclusive, so I just left it alone.” Today, Mark and his father hold a great relationship. They still write letters and talk on the phone from time to time. Putting blame on his phone, Mark stated, “thanks to sprint, I don’t have the service to talk to him much up here.”

Mark is currently dating a young woman by the name of Lydia. They have been “talking” since junior year of high school and began dating her his sophomore year of college. Mark’s hobbies include reading, being outside, building his website, playing football and basketball, and working out. When asked why he didn't play basketball for Frostburg he explained experiencing an ankle injury while playing for Baltimore City College.

Frostburg was not Mark’s first choice for school. Initially, Mark planned on attending St. Mary’s college along with the rest of his friends. He received a $50,000 scholarship to St. Mary’s, paid his $500.00 holding fee, and found out the Wednesday before the semester started that St. Mary’s ended up being over booked. Mark received financial aid and made his way to Frostburg immediately.

At Frostburg State University Mark is a Mass Communications major, minoring in Communications and interested in joining public relations. Mark says, “Mass Comm Fits me best and PR lets you be creative!” He is currently interning at Jussani Culture, in West Virginia, as a public relations specialist. Mark’s dream is to have a radio station. When asked about pod casting he explained, “I started making a YouTube channel, but I’m a little weird and awkward on camera.” Regarding his potential career in radio Mark explains, “I’m slightly ignorant; I want to talk about real issues.” Real issues he explained later as being poverty and race.  Mark’s biggest role models in media are those with the “Grass-roots” approach.  Mark likes independents like Makelmore; artist’s that succeeded brand free.

Mark is currently doing everything he can to succeed in the path he has chosen.

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