Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Rockin' Out With Jordan Smith

Rockin' Out With Jordan Smith
By Brittney Woods, ENGL 336.01

     Jordan Smith, a 21 year old graduating senior hails from Loudoun County, VA. Smith is a Mass Communications major and enjoys every aspect of entertainment. He currently lives in off-campus housing with friends. Frostburg surely was not his first choice in colleges but he makes the best of it and takes advantage of the outdoors. Smith takes pleasure in skateboarding, snowboarding, playing guitar, as well as bass. His passion for music and the outdoors influences his mindset about life. His dream job is to become a successful musician or tour manager. He wants to "be able to travel, doing all the fun stuff, partying all the time." But on the other hand, he realizes "you have to really strive for it." With that in mind, Smith is diligently working on getting an internship at Wolf Trap. 
     Being four years apart from his older sister, who is soon turning 26, Smith finds it hard to remain close with her; but nevertheless, is very excited for her marriage. She graduated from West Virginia University in 2010 and started working for a private school being a teacher's aide for a kindergarten class. She now works for Monroe Technology Center as a teacher's aide. Smith himself has happily dated his girlfriend which will date three years on March 14 and is thinking about marriage and possibly having two kids "way farther down the line." He sees his father as not only a role model but tends to "treat him as a best friend." Smith works in construction with his father when he comes home for breaks and feels comfortable in talking with him about anything in return for some good advice. 

     Smith's message to the world is life is too short. He wants people to stop stressing over the little, stupid things. He believes others should not care about the negative things people say or think because life is too precious. Other than visiting Falls Cut and Deep Creek, Smith in his spare time makes music, sometimes at 3 in the morning, watches his favorite movies and television shows - Apocalypto, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and Family Guy.

     So, just remember the name Jordan Smith, you may one day see it in lights!

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Jordan Smith

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