Thursday, February 20, 2014

Darik vonRigler: Terrorizer of Little Sister

Darik vonRigler is a 20 year old English literature major at Frostburg State University. Hailing from Ocean City, Maryland, Darik attended and graduated Stephen Decatur High School in 2011. Although he originally had aspirations of majoring in Biology, Darik decided that English literature was what he was more interested in. Darik’s parents divorced before his first birthday, and he currently lives with his Father and his 10 year old sister, although his mother is a short 30-minute commute away.

Although Darik does not know exactly what career he wants to pursue following graduation, he revealed to me that he might possibly be interested in becoming a teacher at some point later in life.

Darik’s hobbies include reading, video games, soccer, and especially swimming, being that he lives only a short walk to the beach. In high school Darik was involved in the Shakespeare club from his sophomore to senior year, and helped organize a mock jousting tournament using chalked-up pool cues as lances. Darik enjoyed playing club soccer growing up, and also was a member of his high school’s junior varsity wrestling team. Darik also enjoys playing his didgeridoo that his grandmother gave to him a year ago.

While Darik loves his little sister dearly, some of their memories together came at her expense. During our interview, Darik reminisced on all the pranks he has pulled on his poor little sister. He recalls a specific instance where he hid in a closet with a scary mask on until his unsuspecting sister walked by. At the opportune moment, Darik jumped out of the closet and scared her half to death. Darik also told me how he would also frequently torment her with painful wedgies when she was younger. But all of this is in good fun and in the spirit of sibling rivalry.

While Darik is still uncertain about what the future holds for him, he would ideally like to retire in a log cabin somewhere in the mountains of Allegany County.




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DickJohnson said...

This sounds like the most freakin awesome guy I've ever heard of. I wish I grew up with a guy like this that became my best friend. Holy hell, this dude sounds like a god damn legend.