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Soccer: More than Just a Sport (Classmate Profile)

Soccer: More than Just a Sport  
By Sharron Duncan, ENGL 336.001

For many Americans, sports are the greatest platforms for entertainment alive.  For others, sports are a road map to fame and glory. But for Andrew Adami, current sophomore at Frostburg State University (FSU), soccer is a “sanctuary” and a way of life.

This Carroll County, MD native always knew that soccer would be his first love even before he was old enough to kick a ball. Adami’s father played soccer growing up and even though Adami’s siblings are not very athletic, for him the possibility was inevitable. “When I was a baby, my parents laid a soccer ball beside me in my crib,” Adami mentioned in between laughs.  Ever since then, Adami has dedicated his life to the game.  He began his soccer career playing for a local recreational league at 4 years old and proceeded to play at Manchester Valley High School as an attacking midfielder. Currently, Adami plays defensive midfielder at FSU.

Although FSU’s soccer team has never made it to the playoffs and recruitment is difficult because of Frostburg’s brutal weather, Adami continues to gain motivation from his teammates. However, meeting his teammates was a bit of a surprise. “It was a diversity shock,” Adami commented. “Some of the players are from Nigeria and on my team in Carroll County, everyone was white and there were probably about 4 black people in the school.” Despite the cultural differences, Adami treats his fellow teammates with the utmost respect. As a matter of fact, Adami learned lessons from his teammates that extend far beyond soccer. One of the most important things that he learned is that there is commonality in everyone, despite the obvious differences. “We share one thing and that brings us together,” Adami stated.

Adami does not plan to pursue soccer professionally, but is leaning towards a more legal profession. In the fall of 2014, Adami plans to transfer to Towson University to pursue an education in Business Administration with a concentration in Legal Studies. However, Adami will never leave his favorite sport behind. Therefore, he plans to play in a club program at Towson since the university cut its men’s soccer team. Even with a recent foot injury back in November, Adami is ready to start training again with his FSU teammates. He stated, “I work out almost every day, and I should be running again soon.” 

For more information on FSU's soccer team visit: FSU Soccer

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