Thursday, February 20, 2014

Brittney Woods: The Delightful, Humble Future Journalist

Brittney Woods:  The Delightful, Humble Future Journalist
By.  Danielle Mitchell ENG 336

        Brittney Woods just turned twenty- one years of age and is a transfer student from South Carolina, currently a junior attending Frostburg State University which she says wasn't too far from home, but just far enough. She is a very soft spoken young lady, but speaks with confidence and clarity. Brittney is majoring in English with a minor in Journalism, hoping to one day to work in anything dealing with Journalism or closely related. Brittney in her spare time enjoys relaxing, listening to music to relieve stress and hanging out with friends at one of her favorite amusement parks, Kings Dominion. Also, she loves writing stories and poetry in which can lead her to becoming a self-published artist or land her a job on the “news scene”. Brittney Woods lives on campus and plans to relocate the following semester. While on campus Brittney  has joined an organization called “Alpha Nu Omega” which is a Christian related sorority / fraternity.  Brittney’s older brother is also involved in the same organization as her and is a 5th grade teacher/ adviser who has an undying passion for working with kids all year around. Brittney and her brother although several years apart, manage to maintain a very close knit relationship in which she would like to keep it that way. She considers her brother a mentor and looks up to him for his hard work, perseverance and overall dedication to doing what he loves. Brittney considers her brother along with her mother one of her biggest role models and positive influences in her life.

Brittney’s future endeavors include really immersing herself in her career after graduating in May 2015 as an English major with a Journalism minor. Her dream job would be to somehow be involved in making movies, or television shows and screen writing. Brittney prefers non fictional movies and shows, but is not limited to just that. She would like to play a journalistic role in producing action movies after graduating.  Since her major has a large range of versatility, she is hoping to be able to find her niche and continue doing what she loves. Writing her thoughts down whether it is through poetry or not she has a very creative and open minded attitude that will get her far in her career. If Brittney could send any message to the world she said it would be;" Stay true to yourself". Brittney says" I would never comprise who I am or  yearn to be anyone but myself" . Standing out and letting her true colors unfold will not only set her apart in her career but also in her life.  Watch out World! , Brittney Woods is your future, humble, unique, and soft-spoken journalist with a bundle of opportunities ahead of her.

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