Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Chris Evan’s Classmate profile By Natalie Hughes, ENGL 336.001

Chris Evan’s Classmate profile
By Natalie Hughes, ENGL 336.001

Boston, MA, a city that is better known for their world famous sports teams. For Chris Evans, sports are a major part of his life. He played them all his life and enjoyed watching and cheering on his favorite professional teams. Which led him to becoming a Boston sports fan. Baseball, Basketball or football; if it’s a Boston team, Chris is rooting. Besides devoting himself to Boston, he also has a passion for writing, Journalism to be exact. He wrote for his school newspaper in high school and even took over writing the sports column for Frostburg State. By combining his two favorite things he was able to come up with his dream job, writing for the Boston Red Sox.

Most people have ambitions that are unobtainable. For Chris, he speaks about his dream job as if he already got hired. The confidence in his skills allows him to picture his future as enjoyable and not in a cubical, stuck in his own worst nightmare. He says he wants to wake up everyday thinking, “I want to get better and better at this because I enjoy my job”. Chris’s idea of a successful life is weather or not it’s a happy life. As he talked about his career he made sure ever so often to look you right in the eye and say “I don’t want to be famous”. He wants people know that he’s not daydreaming about money falling out of the sky or everyone screaming his name. Instead he’s imagining himself smiling ear to ear because he’s doing what he loves for a team that he loves. His knack for picking people’s brains until he can learn something new will help him thrive in his future endeavors. He sounds certain that his career will bring him nothing but happiness because he will be pursuing his passion. For Chris Evans, he won’t settle for anything less.

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