Friday, February 28, 2014

If You Attended Party Walk, That May Be The Last Party You'll Walk To

It was February 22, 2014 and 5 p.m. The sections in the ARMAH in Lane University Center were split into sets of four, two long sections on each side of the aisle, and two square sections in the back. Each frat was hyping up the audience, shouting out their own personal slogans particular to them. The red chairs were filled with people already, bumbling with excitement for the show to start.

The event was called "Party Walk". Party Walk is an event hosted by the fraternity Iota Phi Theta, Incorporated and deals with all of the fraternities battling against one another in their frat-specific "strolls" to win the title of Party Walk Winner 2014.

The Phi Beta Sigmas, better known as the Sigmas, decked in blue and white, stood in one corner. The Kappa Alpha Psis, better known as the Kappas, smoothly adorned in all black suits with red ties and red and white canes to match, stood in the back left. The Alpha Phi Alphas, better known as the Alphas, wearing SWAT gear and camouflage print pants, were also standing in the back with the Kappas, but on the right. The Omegs Psi Phis, better known as the Ques, dressed in their flashy purple and gold, were standing on the right side of the ARMAH. And of course, the Iotas, the hosts of the event were all assembled in the front of the ARMAH, with one IOTA named Chris Inskeep being the M.C. of the show.

The judges' tables were horizontally lined up on the stage, having a person from each frat as well as one woman from the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, one woman from Delta Sigma Theta sorority, and an Iota Sweetheart. Chris introduced the judges and the Party Walk began.

There were two rounds of the Party Walk, in which the Alphas led both. Everyone screamed when an Alpha named Lord was thrown onto the shoulders of another Alpha named Kenny in an almost effortless swing. The Kappas were next, and although their size was small with three people, they brought enough energy to hold their own. They solidified the completion by sensually shimmy-ing and stepping in sync. The Party Walk champions of 2013, the Ques, or the Dawgs, were next, and performed as well as they could to secure their position. There were a few slip ups, but they performed in a high level of energy to keep the crowd's attention. But, the Sigmas rocked out both of their performances for both rounds, integrating different kinds of music and dancing into their strolls and making the audience scream and cry with excitement. The Sigmas were crowned the winners at the Iota Phi Theta after party.

If you attended the after party, though, then that may be the last dance party that you attend at Frostburg for a while, sources say. Because of recurrent fights at dance parties here, the University Programming Council is thinking of cancelling all dance parties for the next two semesters if students don't stop fighting.

There is another dance party this Saturday, March 1st, 2014. If students are not able to cooperate at this dance party, Party Walk may be the last party we will walk into for a while.

If you would like to watch videos from Party Walk, here is a link to one of the performances: Party Walk 2014 or search "Party Walk 2014 Frostburg State" in the search bar or your preferred search engine.

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