Thursday, February 20, 2014

Brad Kroner: The Bottom Line By: Brandon Richardson, ENGL 336.001

Brad Kroner: The Bottom Line 
By: Brandon Richardson, ENGL 336.001

Brad Kroner from Baltimore County, Maryland is a sophomore at Frostburg State University. He was accepted to other schools besides Frostburg State University but Kroner felt Frostburg was the better choice. Kroner was accepted to Salisbury University, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Frostburg State University, and Stevenson University. He visited Salisbury University but did not like the campus. “The campus felt cold and non-friendly,” Kroner explained. Kroner then visited Frostburg State University and fell in love with the campus. “I like the small campus and the warm feeling you receive from the University.” Kroner stated.
            Brad Kroner majors in English with a focus in professional English writing and minors in journalism. He is in the honors program at Frostburg State University and resides in Cambridge Hall. When asked if he thought about being a resident assistant, he replied by saying, “I thought about it but I could not put on a program even though I have the free time for the job.”  He used to play for the football team at Frostburg State University but after several injuries an early retirement was imminent. Kroner stated, “Head injuries and issues with the program and coaching staff,” caused him to leave the football team. Kroner did mention how he liked the new look of the stadium and how he has aspirations to use the new press box. In Kroner’s spare time he works for the Bottom Line, the school newspaper. He has been the sports editor for two years.
            Brad Kroner’s dream job would be being a columnist for the Baltimore Ravens, which is his favorite team, he added. “I was extremely happy when they won last season,” Kroner exclaimed. He also could see himself working as an entertainment or politics journalist. Also he would like to work in the public relations field.  He also watches baseball, especially the Orioles. One of Kroner’s passions is to eat. His favorite foods are jambalaya and Mexican foods. “I love Chipotle,” Kroner added.
            Next semester Brad will not be the only Kroner attending Frostburg State University. His younger brother will be attending the university. “It’s convenient if he came to Frostburg as well,” Kroner explained.

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