Thursday, February 20, 2014

Amanda Faverty: Grinding to Success

Amanda Faverty: Grinding to Success


            Frostburg State University is a secondary home to thousands of Americans, both students and alumni. The old mountain town college has a reputation for rooting out those who aren’t cut out for the cold, or aren’t ready to work hard. In comes, junior, and class of 2015 scholar, Amanda Faverty. At first glance this brutally honest girl from Charles County seems like your average, easy-going college student. No stranger to tough luck however, Amanda’s run the gambit of hardship, from being kicked out, to supporting herself at a young age, all while staying active and productive, and her light shines brighter than ever.

Though it isn’t all good news, Amanda’s candid demeanor is indicative of how she personally copes with the struggles of life. She recounts tales from her upbringing as if she’s rattling off the items on her grocery list, yet there’s a very tangible, genuine quality to her. She doesn’t spend time stressing over troubles or failures, she prefers to “dance in the rain,” she says bluntly in class, rather than “wait for the storm to pass.”

            Social and flexible, Amanda lives both everyday, like many of us, on campus getting involved. She’s a reporter for the Frostburg State student newspaper, The Bottom Line, part of the Marketing Club, and minors in PR, Journalism and Marketing. She’s also a reporter for TV3, and just did her first sports segment for the show, on air. You can imagine how busy and stressful her schedule gets on top of classes, but Amanda juggles it like everything else. With lofty goals like hers, it’s to be expected, but daunting circumstances are familiar, and thus all in a day’s work for this tough student. Her dream is to be a sportscaster on ESPN, and is clearly already getting good experience. She is specifically drawn to sports due to the conversational element that comes with discussing sport’s news, and teams. “News is fact, sport is conversation,” she says with a grin.

One thing’s for sure, Amanda’s no pushover, and makes the college experience seem like another check on her list. With doubtless variety on her schedule, and precious time on her hands, Amanda’s another Bobcat on the right path.



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