Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Bashful, Baltimore Ravens Fan Katie Scott Opens Up

"Give me three words to describe yourself."

"Friendly, calm, and shy."

22-year-old senior Katie Scott may consider herself shy, but she's full of spice, much like her luminous, "spice"-colored hair. Katie was born on October 2, 1991 to Brenda and David Scott. She grew up in Columbia, MD, a somewhat small town in Howard County. She has lived in the same house in Columbia since she was 2 years old, but may not be living there for too much longer. "My parents are going to move soon just because they are retiring and I'm the youngest so they don't really need the space," Katie says. Katie is the youngest child out of three, as well as the only girl. She is accompanied by two older brothers, Jim, who is 29 years old and very outgoing, and Will, who is 27, and much shyer than Katie feels she is.

After graduating from Atholton High in 2009, Katie now attends Frostburg State University where she majors in Mass Communications with a minor in Leadership Studies and a concentration in Event Planning, and also plans on graduating in two semesters. When asked why did she choose Frostburg, she replied with a chuckle, "It was cheaper...and I wasn't the best student either." She admits that she enjoys being here at Frostburg, where she has met many cool friends, including her boyfriend of 2 and a half years, Nick, but does not enjoy the feeling of being "trapped".

Although Frostburg makes her feel like she's in a bubble, Katie feels as though she probably won't go very far. "The whole New York City, Cali dream is exciting, but I'll probably end up living with my parents for a while," Katie shrugs. Katie lightly remarks, "My dad always says, 'There's always a spot for you on the couch'".

While attending Frostburg, Katie became a part of AmeriCorps, a nationally recognized volunteer organization that engages in intensive community service all around the nation . After joining AmeriCorps, Katie completed 300 hours of community service in her freshman year alone, which is a huge accomplishment. Although AmeriCorps is just a one year program at Frostburg, Katie continues to volunteer in her spare time. "I did it because I like volunteering," Katie replies after being asked why she joined AmeriCorps. "I met a lot of friends in that program that I still have which is really cool. The program helped me like Frostburg more and encouraged me to stay at the school."

After graduating from Frostburg, Katie wants to pursue a career in writing or behind-the-scenes in television. She says, "I would want to work at a news station after college. I want to do some behind the scenes work with journalism or production."

Katie is a very relaxed, introverted, but calm person, but when it comes to the girly stuff, it's not really her thing. "I'm definitely a tomboy," Katie pipes, "I've always wanted to be that typical girl who wears makeup and dresses, but I just couldn't, so I just wear a t-shirt and jeans. Plus, I'm too lazy." Her boyfriend, Nick, doesn't seem to mind her tomboyish ways at all. Katie met Nick her sophomore year of college, when he sat behind her in class, and also ended up having a mutual friend. "We're really different, but we get along," when asked about her relationship with him. Although she has been with her boyfriend for a while, she's not the typical girl when it comes to relationships. "I'm not mushy-gushy at all," Katie tells, "like I'm not like that Notebook kinda crap."

Calm is the perfect word to fit Katie Scott, since she has such a calming color like purple as her favorite color. But that's not the reason. "I like all colors," Katie says, "but I think I really like purple because I'm a Ravens fan." Yes, Katie is a fan of the Baltimore Dirty Birds and she's not afraid to represent with her purple.

To shake things up a bit, Katie was asked, "If you had one superpower, what would it be and why?" Much like her personality, the calm-spirited Katie would love the peaceful scenery from the sky. "My superpower would be being able to fly because I could get anywhere I wanted to go in the world fast and I would have a great view."

After interviewing Katie Scott, friendly, calm, and shy were three great words to describe her, but, it is as the old adage goes: "The shyest ones are always the most interesting."

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