Friday, February 28, 2014

Bluegrass Jam

Philadelphia Pennsylvania is home to many popular tourist attractions, including the Theatre of the Living Arts or more commonly known as the TLA. The music venue is located on a street in center city known as “South Street”, a 3-mile stretch of shops, bars and places to eat.  Last Friday at 7:00 pm people poured into the TLA to see the band Greensky Bluegrass. In the world of bluegrass their music is the new best thing, as their shows are said to be “almost psychedelic”. Everyone stands as close as they can to the stage while they eagerly jump up and down in anticipation. The show began when the lights dimmed and five men carrying instruments strolled on stage. Dave Bruzza, the band’s guitar player took the mic and yelled hello to the concert, obviously the crowd went wild and everyone began to scream the titles to their favorite songs.             

      The band played straight through the whole concert, the only time there wasn’t music playing was when one of the band members was telling one of their funny stories. Everyone at the TLA enjoyed the concert; even the bouncers and stage crew joined the mosh pit of dancing music lovers. The merchandise man’s slogan was excitable,  “They’re coming to your town to help you party down” he chanted to all the passer byres.  The workers weaved through the audience taking drink orders and delivering them right to you on the dance floor for your convenience.  Towards the end of the concert you could see the bands shirts drenched in sweat but their fire was still there. They saved the best song, “Handguns” for last. Every last burst of energy was used while the band played their last song. The concert was over and everyone yelled for an encore. With smiles from ear to ear the band happily played for a little bit longer until they finally called it quits.  One woman said as she was leaving that “the band truly nailed this evening”. After the concert everyone brought the energy to all of South Street as they continued singing and dancing all the songs as they rump through Philadelphia. Greensky Bluegrass is a show worth seeing and with their popularity still rising they are only going to get better. For more information about the band or future events visit their official website

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