Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sharron Duncan's Classmate Profile

The Melting Pot
By Andrew Adami, ENGL 336.001

                Sharron Duncan is a 21 year old senior from Upper Marlboro, MD in Prince George’s County. In her spare time she likes to sing R&B and gospel music, and dance to jazz and contemporary styles. She transferred from PG community college to Frostburg after two years, and is working on her English degree with a concentration in creative writing. After her time at Frostburg, she plans on pursuing a career in teaching, but wants to end up in policy because to make opportunities for children in general education and extra curricular activities.

                Sharron comes from a good church-going home, where her father is a police detective and her mother doesn’t work. Her two older sisters are 28 and 33 years old, one works at a law office and the other at Andrew’s Air Force Base. She goes to church 3-4 times a week when she is home, but when she came to Frostburg, she couldn’t find a church that was quite the same. She is the most conservative of her sisters in the way she dresses and acts, but has many opinions and states, “I am the type of person with a plan for everything”. Sharron comes from a mostly black community and when she came to Frostburg she learned a lot about herself through the diversity on campus. With a campus of nearly 3,000 white students she was in for quite the culture shock in this metaphorical melting pot. She wasn’t used to white teachers, but she thought it was great.  She states, “Dr. Amy Branam Armiento helped me to see that I can learn something from someone who doesn’t look like me”. When someone is faced with a major adjustment like she was, they can either change their ways and accept it, or remain obstinate. Sharron accepted the changed and realized that looks do not matter, in fact she explained that, “Open mindedness is what I learned most from Frostburg State”.
You can visit her church website here.
A breakdown of Frostburg State Universitie's diverse student body can be found here.

Above, a few pictures of Sharron

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