Thursday, October 31, 2013

Homecoming Week 2k13

       The last week of October is always an exciting week for both students and staff at Frostburg State University. Students’ excitingly prepared for homecoming and Halloween events while professors grade midterms, and finally drop absentee students that were very much present at Homecoming. Before the fun began, Frostburg was sure to remind students that education is first. On Friday, students and professors rallied up for career expos, presented by Alumni of various majors.  Surprisingly, the majority of all English majors showed up for the career expo. At least, all of Dr. Parks’ students were present, as it was required for extra credit points in his class.  Dr. Mary Anne Lutz introduced English majors and professors to Candace Reed. Candace, an alumn and former English major, presented a PowerPoint on the beneficial and intellectual significance of attaining an English degree. She stated that her parents were initially opposed to her interest in becoming an English major and thought she should study a discipline more financially rewarding. “…When I told my mother I wanted to major in English, her response was: “What in the world are you going to do with an English degree",” Candace stated humorously. Candace expressed to Undergrad English majors that “being able to know how to read and write is important in any career.” Candace now works for a small business in DC,  is engaged, and is pursuing an online MBA degree at Frostburg State University. Students left with a new outlook as to what to expect after college, and if in Dr. Parks’ class, a few extra points on their final.
   The biggest buzz on campus since the beginning of October was Homecoming dance, but upon the end of Homecoming week, the Step-Show had stolen the spotlight. On Saturday evening, students, alumni, and faculty all gathered in the PE Cordts Center, awaiting a grand performance. The Delta Sigma, Kappa Alphi Psi, Beta Sigma, Omega Psi Phi, and many other sororities and fraternities put on an outstanding show. The crowd  jumped as the music pumped.  During the Step-Show, a brief moment of homage was given for Mr. Wynder . He was Vice President of Student Services, and a house-hold name in Frostburg’s community. Devontae Thompson, a former Frostburg student stated drunkenly, “I miss Frostburg like f------ crazy; I wish my ass would have never got kicked out!” After the Step-Show, students rushed backed to their dorms to get dressed for the grand finale- the Homecoming dance.  Many students were still looking for tickets to purchase. Alumn student, Brittany Battle, graduated with a Psychology degree last spring,  and lucked up on a ticket just two hours before the dance.  She paid 25 dollars for a ticket that originally sold for only 3 dollars. “…I spent 200 dollars on a dress and shoes for  Homecoming; I was getting in the dance by all means, even if I had to sneak in,” Brittany voiced energetically. Frostburg’s 2k13 Homecoming turned out a success, but the Step-Show is what took the cake. Many students stood out in the hallway, angered by the “whack” music the DJ played. Students were anticipating the music to be as “live” as it was at the Step-Show. Nevertheless, Frostburg State University rose to the occasion just as they do each and every year.

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