Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Frostburg State Leaves Room For Improvement

Frostburg State University., a small school in a small mountain town. Many students have come and graduated from this fine campus but there are things that could be changed or improved in the eyes of its students. To find out more about some of the things concerning Frostburg, a few students and even a staff member were questioned to find out exactly just what can be done to improve the school and make it a better community and environment. 22-year old senior Political Science Diaka Sow from Greenbelt, MD responded by saying that "More places to eat on campus would help. It's always so crowded in the Lane Center so it makes it difficult to get something quick to eat before class." Sow also went on the record to say that "More computers would be helpful because it's always so crowded in the library."

Another opinion came from 21-year old Finance major Geo Parker of Greenbelt, MD who stated that "Lowering tuition would be a big help in drawing more students into Frostburg. College is expensive and it would be great if those who weren't as fortunate could get the same opportunities as those who have the money." Tuition prices have been something that many students have had issues with and some even aren't able to return to finish their education because of the rising prices. Finally, the opinion of Andy Duncan, an Associate Professor from the English department who went on record with his response stating,"I wish more people knew about the great students, programs, and resources that Frostburg has to offer. I wish the university was more widely known." Despite how small Frostburg State University is compared to the bigger schools in the state, it does have a small reputation of the students it produces but at the same time recognition could extend further out of state lines. While Frostburg is still a very prestigious campus, there is still room for improvement. The question still stands, what about Frostburg would you change?

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