Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Collegiate Contentedness of the 'Burg'

In a quick canvas concerning the collegiate contentedness of Frostburg State University, 3 students were given the question, "If you could change one thing about Frostburg State, what would it be?". The most passionate responses were  aimed toward the University's Meal Plan. Sophomore Business Major, Jessica Warren, of Baltimore stated flat out, "The meal plan hours. Like, the ones in Lane aren't, like, I get hungry before 1, so between like 10:30 and 1 is when I starve". Others however were more concerned with the weather. Breyana Jodin, a sophomore Business Major of Baltimore was concerned that, "The weather. It's too cold. I'm from Baltimore and it's warm. I went home for the weekend and it felt amazing to not have a winter coat". The last and certainly the most articulate response came from Antonine Darden a Business Major senior of Baltimore said, "I would suggest, even though we have all these diverse groups, we should have more informal events to inform students about diversity. We have so many groups, but everyone is separated  into cliques. It's like when you go to the Ice Cream store and you have all these flavors, but none of them are mixed. You know what I'm saying".

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