Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Frostburg State: One University, a World of Problems?

Frostburg State University seems pretty cool right? A large campus, an even larger student body, and plenty of helpful staff. But is there room for improvement? To find what could be done to attract more students, three random Frostburg State students were asked the question "If you could change one thing about Frostburg State, what would it be?" Business administration major Mason McIlwee of Boonsboro, Maryland expressed a desire for more community involvement, citing that "they're almost like two separate entities, to the point that it almost feels like the community doesn't like the students." Mason also noted how it would be "a really good opportunity for the school to market itself. I mean, you go to towns like Morgantown and places like the McDonald's there are painted with the school colors." Business major David Diggs of Baltimore, Maryland expressed a desire for better food, calling it "too generic, and there needs to be more choices." He also expressed a desire for another gym, stating "there should be two separate gyms. One for students, and one for athletes." English literature major Ian Schafer of Frostburg, Maryland was the only participant who needed some time to think on his answer, pondering for almost a minute. Ian's only wish was for the English literature department to be "updated and retrofitted, in terms of course and syllabi." Ian went on to state that the department "focuses too much on older literature, and the newer stuff isn't really integrated." So that just leaves one final question. If YOU could change one thing about Frostburg State, what would it be?

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