Thursday, October 24, 2013

Working hard on and off the field. The life of a FSU baseball player.

Walking past the auxiliary gym you hear the loud thud of a ball being propelled into the air and a swift swishing of the ball grazing the net. Daniel Weller seen in the center wearing number 6 is a FSU third baseman / first baseman, draws a crowd as he hits the ball with authority working on his swing mechanics. From the left you see Micah Headd (in blue), a freshman law & society major from Clinton, M.D., Daniel Weller, a junior computer information systems major from Millersville, M.D., Kevin Kean, a senior law & society major from Millersville, M.D.

A day in the life of a FSU baseball player is filled with heavy weights, endless practice, callused hands, and sweat filled dirty clothes. Having so much to do in such little time during the day the hardest part of being a FSU baseball player is time management. Most of the school work is done from behind the scenes in study hall from 8:00p.m. - 10:00p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursday nights when the athletes have scheduled downtime to complete assignments.  Seen from the far left is James Tipton, a freshman law & society major from Abingdon, M.D., and Cody Shupe, freshman undecided major from Delmar, Delaware.

Interactions between coaches and athletes are essential to a winning team. Off the field communication is just as important as on the field. Here you can see Coach Ryan Schmidt (center, in blue) giving advice as well as listening to problems that may occur in an athletes daily life. From the left Robert Jennings, a senior athletic training major from Hanover, M.D., Ryan Schmidt, FSU assistant baseball coach, and Kody Hines, a sophomore physical education major from Glen Burnie, M.D.

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