Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Frostburg: We gotta do better!

Tiffany Meltln is from Waldorf, Maryland, and is majoring in Mass Communication and at Frostburg. When asked what she would like to change the most at Frostburg State, Tiffany’s reply was “I would change the Wi-Fi because it sucks!”  Last year Tiffany lived in Edgewood Commons; oftentimes she and her suitemates would have to stand near a window to get the smallest amount of service, she explained. She now lives off-campus and has much better service than before. 


In the library I ran across two girls’ (one of whom is a fellow English major) working on a project; who kindly accepted my invitation to question them.  Like Tiffany, Kaitlyn , a History major, biggest issue was the poor Wi-Fi connection.  “… There’re too many technological issues…everything is digital, so, us, students need internet connections at all times,” she exclaimed. Her friend Cindy, an English major  and History minor hates the high temperatures in Dunkle Hall.  “… You know, I practically live in Dunkle Hall it feels horrible, like, it’s too hot.”

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