Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Step Show and Homecoming Dance a Success

On a windy Saturday evening at around 6:00, nearly 1,000 Frostburg State University Students gathered in the main gym to attend the first step show in four years. Students, alumni, faculty, and visitors gathered outside the doors of the gym anxious to get in and get the best seats. It was so crowded and hectic that some people pushed pass the security and ticket check and headed straight to the main gym auditorium. Aside from the chaos of trying to enter the gym, the 2013 Frostburg State University Step Show turned out to be successful. Performances were held by numerous fraternities including: the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha, Iota Phi Theta, Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, and Phi Beta Sigma, alongside the sisters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Also included in this event was a moment of appreciation for the late Mr. Bernard Wynder. Wynder was the assistant vice president for student services and a pioneer for the Frostburg community. He passed away suddenly due to health issues this pass summer.

After being in heavy competition with one another the brothers of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity took home the cash prize of $500. The Omegas or "Ques" put on a breathtaking performances that included high jumps, hard stomps, and lots of enthusiasm. Despite being defeated, members of competing fraternities congratulated the Ques on their win. Respects are paid to the members of the FSU Alumni Association and Office of Student Activities for co-sponsoring the event and making it all possible.

Once the step show ended the audience hurried out of the auditorium to get ready for the Homecoming dance that would take over the gym in less than two hours after the step show competition. In just a short amount of time the gym was transformed from an auditorium that held a step show competition with bleachers and chairs stretched out across the floor to it being completed cleared of chairs and bleachers and being turned into a huge dance floor. Tickets for the homecoming dance sold out in just two days this year. There were over 1000 tickets sold to both students and guest. The night of the dance proved that over a 1000 tickets were sold. The gym was jam packed including the people standing in the halls outside of the auditorium.

While the DJ played some familiar hits the crowd was fully pumped and could not stop dancing and singing along to the songs. Students, alumni, and visitors seemed to have enjoyed the festivities held this weekend. Visitor, Shavonne Michelle, visited Frostburg for the first time this pass weekend with some friends and had some input on the events. " This school is smaller than others I have visited in the past but that's good. I like how everyone knows everyone and it's a close knit community with limited violence," she said excitedly.

This weekend's homecoming was one for the books. The step show was brought back after years, there was a great turn out, and the atmosphere remained fun and positive.

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