Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A little question with big answers.

         If you are a student of Frostburg State University you may wish to see some changes to your place of study. Although these may not be within our sights currently, they are not without warrant.  The plight of the everyday student is heard by students from Andy Duncan’s Journalism class as we flock out over the campus to record the thoughts of these people. The students seem to want the simple things: better food choices off campus, better shopping, decent entertainment, and consistent reliable internet.                                                                                                      
          Students like Courtney Young, a sophomore majoring in business and mathematics, hailing from PG County, says if there was one thing she could change about Frostburg State it would be “Location, if it was near a big city. There’s just not a lot of big business around here”. Nicole Carter a junior in the field of Early Childhood Education from Fort Washington agrees, stating “I can’t just narrow it down to one…” as she contemplates her face changes as a light bulb brightens and she says “Chipotle! They need to have a mall. What they have is just a Wal-Mart with shops around it.” It is true that the Country Club Mall is a mall in name only to some, being that it doesn’t have much variety.                                                                                                                                                                                  However we turn to on-campus issues and ask Allison Meads, a senior in Communication studies and originally from Landover, what one thing she would change, and declares “They always bring up people I don’t know, maybe more familiar faces, more celebrities. Drake goes to Morgantown, WHY can’t he come up here!?” another on-campus issue brought up by Sarah Wilcock-Howe a junior of the  Early Childhood/Elementary Education department and a citizen of Frostburg complains about the internet quality, that the school needs to “Have the technology consistently  working, apparently blackboard is down again today!”
         While we may have issues with the slow pace of Frostburg state, we must maybe learn to enjoy it, take in the beauty of the little things we enjoy and maybe take time to stare at the mountains while waiting for blackboard to be repaired…however long that may take.

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