Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Frostburg Students Voice Their Opinion

Students across the Frostburg State University campus voiced their opinion about changes that should be made to the campus. Although the students enjoy a lot of what the campus has to offer, they were not shy about giving a few ideas. "I would add Chinese food to the menu on campus", said sophomore psychology major Kelsy Richardson. There would be no doubt in anyone's mind that having Chinese food added to the menu for the cafeteria would be a definite plus.

What was a more common choice for most students was to change the weather surprisingly. "If it were possible to change I would change the weather", said sophomore English major Tanijah Moore. Though surely nobody will have a problem if they changed the weather to something sunnier or less cold, I doubt we will get that opportunity.

Sophomore Mass Communications major Rhys Scott said when asked,"I would change the activities, there are too much of the same activity on campus". For some people it seems as though the usual campus activities such as Late At Lane can get a little monotonous.

Hopefully the authorities in charge will pay attention to the voices of the people that attend their university and make the possible changes or additions needed to make this campus better than it already is. But for now, the students and faculty members of Frostburg State University will have to enjoy what the campus already offers.

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