Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Frostburg Students DO want change

There are many different views and opinions amongst Frostburg State University’s campus. Some students love Frostburg and some students hate Frostburg, but everyone could absolutely say they would like to change at least one thing. I, Kache’ Stewart, walked around Frostburg State University’s Echo Circle interviewing students asking, “If you could change one thing about Frostburg, what would it be and why?”
            Junior, Exercise and Sports Science major, Ronje’ James from Baltimore responded with, “The food service; IT SUCKS! 1. Because it’s not cooked all the way 2. They’re really slow and 3. They are lazy.  They, as in the employees, act like we’re bothering them.

Senior, Mass Communication major, Michael Monroe from Fort Washington answered with, “I would change the weather. I’m tired of being cold. After 4 years I’m still not used to it.”

Junior, Exercise and Sports Science major, Rodney Haskins from Prince Georges County said, “The food; It’s horrible and disgusting. Also we need another gym for students. Oh and more shuttles. The shuttles need to come to my f**king  house.”

Freshman, Biology major, Hina Ali from Baltimore replied with, “We need to have more cultural events, because I feel like all the ethnicities here aren’t displayed.”

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