Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Students "let 'em know" about Frostburg State University

by: Kendra Hyater-Davis

Frostburg State University, one university, a world of experiences, and the quaint community that many students and faculty bid their time during the weekdays, and even sometimes weekends. Today, the students of Professor Duncan's ENG336 Journalistic Writing class at Frostburg State were prompted to go out onto the campus and ask the FSU community the question: "If you could change anything about Frostburg State, what would it be?"

Baltimore native and sophomore Arnicka Berkley, a Law and Society and Political Science double major says that if she could change anything about Frostburg State, it would be the male eye candy on campus. "I would definitely change the way these n*ggas look on this campus, because I need something to look at and, right now, there ain't nothing to look at." Interestingly enough, Business major and senior Billy Bonds from Philadelphia said something similar. "I would change the b****es, because we need more freaks," Billy exclaims as he laughs with his boys in agreement.

Brionna Hall, a sophomore and Psychology major from Baltimore doesn't seem to have too much of a problem with the way the students look, but more with the location. "It's too damn cold," she says, "and there's nothing to do outside of Frostburg." Being from Baltimore, she says, "I like that it's away from the city, but it's just too away...like where's the Chipotle? Where's the mall? Like a legit mall?"

Frostburg is indeed a wonderful school and the environment is just beautiful, but maybe there's more to enjoying Frostburg State than just the mountains and the classes. Would Frostburg State be better if these changes were implemented?

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