Thursday, October 24, 2013

Free time in Frostburg

       Thursday October 24, 2013; a cold day in Frostburg noted by the snow flurries and bundled up bodies roaming the campus. Many folks sought comfort in activities that brought them happiness and warmth.
One such group was Phi Mu Alpha, who were holding a bake sale in the Lane Loft. 

Phi Mu Alpha selling baked goods
The Phi Mu Alpha's at the table from left to right are Curtis Boston an Information Technology Major from Baltimore, Brandon Alexander Ogletree, also an I.T major born in Jacksonville, Florida, but from Leonardtown, finally there is Joseph Carter a Mass Communication major from North-East D.C. They were finishing up their long day of selling baked goods to raise money for Relay for Life (sign up for any team on the website attached) and were laughing at a joke said by their friend Evan Greenberg, a sociology major from Wheaton, MD.

        At approximately 8:00pm in the school gymnasium a sea of students watched performers at the pep rally. They seem to be fully immersed in the dancers on the stage some even joining in by standing and bobbing to the music. The bleachers were so jam packed that people were spilling out of the doors into the hallway.

       If one were to turn around and look into the windows of the racquetball courts adjacent to the gym where the pep rally was taking place, they would find a dance crew practice happening. A hip-hop dance group known as "The Avengers" each with their own super-hero nickname practices choreography for upcoming performances. Sean Scriber, one of the newer members of the crew says with bright eyes and a grin "I saw the Avengers my freshman year and liked their style, so when I heard that there were open auditions I tried out and now I'm in it." 

Three of the newer members of The Avengers Crew are seen here practicing. From left to right are:
Landry Yantou, Isaac Lendore, and Sean Scriber.
      Students at Frostburg State University have a multitude of activities to participate in, even when the weather outside reflects that which the school name promises, frost.

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