Friday, November 1, 2013

Edgewood Commons Hosts a 10 Year Anniversary Halloween Party

           While many Frostburg State University students went out to parties on Halloween night, Edgewood Commons hosted its own party to celebrate both the holiday, and the on campus apartment building’s tenth anniversary.
            The event was jointly hosted by Resident Assistant Veronica Morris and the Edgewood Commons Marketing Committee, and allowed for students to have a safe place to go out and show off their Halloween spirit. As guests entered the building through its main entrance, they were greeted by loud bass tones coming from the speakers set up in the main lounge. The area was decorated in a strange mix of birthday décor and Halloween ornaments to mark the two occasions.
            To enter into the event, attendees would have to cross through fake cobwebs at the entrance before seeing the activities going on in the brightly lit room. Morris had set up a table filled with homemade sugar cookies and icing that attendees could decorate with their favorite Halloween designs.
Next to the cookie icing table was a small round table where Edgewood resident Denard Bryan was reading off people’s tarot card fortunes. “This is the 10 cups,” stated Bryan as he spoke to another student. “It means that you’re overlooking something that’ll make you happy, I think,” he continued. “I’m not really that good at this,” he stated, “but people have fun with it, so I think I’m going to keep doing it until I have to tell someone it says they’ll die or something.”
On the other side of the room was a long white sheet of paper with markers scattered all around, giving people the opportunity to color to their hearts’ content.
            FSU students could be seen inside dressed in their Halloween best. A hula dancer walked around with his friends, the ancient Greek, the surgeon, and the baseball player, eating pizza provided by the hosts, and joining in on the festivities. A devil walked by an angel and her tie-dye hippie twin. Other costumes included a flamboyant Batman, Alice (from Wonderland), Snow White, and Black Widow from the movie, The Avengers.
            Morris, a junior and veteran Edgewood Commons staff member, was relatively pleased with the turnout at the party, stating, “This turnout is more than we normally get, but I still feel like we could have more.” Morris went on to explain her reasons for wanting to have these kinds of events, “I really wanted residents to get together as a whole community and socialize, because a lot of them tend to stay in their apartments.”
            Edgewood Commons Marketing Committee member and Resident Peer Mentor Michael Ojiere had similar sentiments, “Edgewood not only provides residents with a hall, but a community as well. We’ve been allowing residents to have these facilities for 10 whole years now, and we, as a committee, felt that it was something worth celebrating.”

            The party came at the tail swing of Edgewood’s Resident Appreciation Week. This was a week with programs put on every night to allow the staff to show their appreciation for their residents. Other programs that week were an African-American Poetry Night, the Believe in Beauty cross-dressing fashion show, a Roommate Game where roommate pairs compete to see who knows their roommates the best, and a continuing recycling competition among the floors in Edgewood.

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