Tuesday, October 15, 2013

99 Problems: Frostburg's Students Speak Out

Many students will agree that Frostburg State University is a great school to attend.  No institution, however, is perfect.  From inside the nooks and crannies of Frostburg’s campus, three students shared their thoughts on the areas in which Frostburg could improve.

Amber Haning, an art-majoring “super senior,” is tired of the, what she calls, “unnecessary” technological upgrades.  “I wish there were more places to go to read, hang out, and do homework that isn’t surrounded by noise and TV, which is how it is in the Lane Center,” she says.  She explains her frustration, saying, “They spend over $3,000 every time they do Late at Lane.  Why isn’t that money being put towards things that make you smarter?”
Sophomore biology major Dawson Driver has less serious complaints.  A resident of Cumberland, Maryland, which is about 14 miles east of Frostburg, Driver says, “I wish the school wasn’t so far from my house.”  He expressed his personal struggle with getting to school each day, stating, “It’s hard for me to get out of bed in the morning knowing I have to get in my car and drive 20 minutes to school.”

Tucked away in the Discovery Center, located in Compton Science building, pre-med majoring senior Andrew Mark explains the down-sides of living on campus.  Mark, who lives in Cambridge Hall, wishes that the events Frostburg sponsors on its campus were more geared towards a wider range of students.  “I live on campus, and I don’t have a car.  Where am I supposed to go to have fun?”  Mark also complains of the quality of food served at Chesapeake Hall.  “There’s no variety,” he says.  Mark notes his biggest pet peeve over the years of living on campus: the plumbing.  “The shower water in the dorms changes temperature every time someone flushes the toilet. It’ll go from hot to cold, hot to cold, 15 times!” he exclaims.  But, like with many of the problems at Frostburg State, Mark says, “I don’t know how they’d fix that.”

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