Thursday, October 24, 2013

It's always something: A campus wide photo shoot.

“We eat together every Tuesday and Thursday” says Travis Neff, a senior electrical engineering student from Elkton MD, speaking about his friend while waiting in Lane for her to show up.

Ryan Whitesell (above), a Parks and Recreation senior from Lusby Maryland waits for his girlfriend of 5 years, Jen Kleponis (below), who is also an FSU senior, in the first floor lobby of Compton.


From right to left: Aileen Agar, a wildlife management senior from Swiftwater, Pennsylvania, Brian Wigglesworth a wildlife management senior from Princess Anne, Maryland, and Cathy Hughes a Biology senior from Swanton, Maryland wait on the third floor of Compton for their professor to open up a classroom for them.

Dr. Tom Serfass, a professor for Frostburg but who lives in Pennsylvania, sets out pizza (below) and attempts to make the overhead projector work (above) for his students in Ecology and Management of Wildlife Populations class in Compton. He is showing them a movie about wolves in Yellowstone and the predator prey relationship they have with the surrounding wildlife.
 Amberleigh Geremia, a wildlife management senior from Salisbury, Maryland settles down to watch the wolf documentary after offering the candy in the box beside her to anyone who wanted some. “I’m trying to get rid of it all,” she explains, “I’ve had it for a while, but I just can’t seem to eat them all".

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