Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Frostburg State students voice concerns over many campus issues

In an attempt to gauge the discontent of the student body at Frostburg State University, English professor Andy Duncan's Journalistic Writing students canvassed the campus of the university, to hear out the concerns of a small few of the students at FSU. When asked what one thing these students would change about Frostburg State, the interviewed students had many things on their mind. Malik Fleming, a freshman accounting major from Capitol Heights, Maryland, voiced his concerns with the quality of food at the Chesapeake Cafeteria. "They could put cheese in the eggs or something", Fleming said, "and I am pretty sure they add stuff that makes you go to the bathroom."

While concerns about cafeteria food is one that has long been a gripe on-campus at Frostburg, other students had other priorities. Sam Show, a freshman business administration major from Bladensburg, Maryland, said, "You know what sucks, the Wi-Fi. There is no Wi-Fi in the dorms. You go on-campus at the University of Maryland, and there is Wi-Fi everywhere, in the classrooms, in the residence halls... everywhere." Justin Brice, a freshman computer information systems major from Baltimore, complained about the university's finicky online teaching tool, Blackboard. "I hate how everything is run on Blackboard," Brice said, "and all of my classes are run on there. It's too unreliable."

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