Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Blast From the Past Within a Week

Frostburg State University celebrates homecoming week in a 90's theme.
Monday's activity was the Powder Puff Game. A powder puff game is where the women dress as men football players, the men dress and conduct as cheerleaders, and the students play a role as referees. Tuesday's event was mix and match day. Mix and match day consisted of the students dressing as if they had gotten dressed in darkness, wearing any patterns and clothing that simply is not suppose to be worn together. Wednesday's event was finally in relations with this week's theme, 90's day. Ninety's day was expressed by the students wearing clothing from the 1990's. Thursday's event was FSU day. FSU day was a day to show your school pride by wearing Frostburg State University's colors and/or wearing Frostburg State University's gear. Also, in addition to FSU day, Thursday was the night of pep rally. At pep rally, a few organizations performed in honor of school pride. Friday's event is the comedy show and Saturday's event is the homecoming dance.

Monday night's Powder Puff Game.
The female students huddled together to get the game organized and ready to start.
(Left to Right) Junior, Salleia K Johnson, Sophomore, Jasmine S Carlton and Senior Jasmyn R Bullock poses for the camera as they are dressed in 1990's gear.  

Paparazzi Perfect's models, Colleen Oshodi (Sophomore), Salleia K Johnson (Junior), Aeesha D Kamara (Freshman), Kache' S Stewart (Sophomore), and Jasmine S Carlton (Sophomore) poses for the camera before they begin to practice for their performance.

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