Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Students Changes to Frostburg

Frostburg from the outside perspective looks like a great environment for the students whom attend. Although many students love this school and its different scenery and location, there are still things the students would like to change.

Sophomore Parks & Recreation major Zsanae Edwards, said she would make a 24 hour café for the students because with the hours that Frostburg versus her hometown, Fort Washington, forces her to be up, she gets hungry at random times. It is usually when the café is already closed. She said she would also change the dorms to be more modern and up to date because "them bitches is like stone age."

 Senior Psychology major, Chris Douglas from Washington, D.C., agreed with the first interviewee by saying he would change the food because "it is nasty."

There was another interviewee by the name of Shahnise McKnight who also commented on the food saying that she would add a Chipotle. She is a junior with a major in exercise and sports science from Montgomery County where Chipotle is one of her favorite food places so the fact that there is not a Chipotle in Frostburg, bothers her.

 Lastly, Junior, Marcus Gaines from Baltimore, MD added a little variety to the interviews by saying that he would change the social aspect of the school. He said "People should be forced to be integrated." Marcus is a audio production major and says "I hate groups."

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