Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Students Voice Concerns About Frostburg State University

Every student, at some point or another, wishes they could change something about their school. Those changes vary from person to person and can range anywhere from food to larger issues. They can be uncontrollable things such as the weather, or they can be very fixable problems. On October, 15 2013, Andy Duncan sent out his Journalistic Writing students to go out and ask students their opinion and to pick one thing that they would like to see changed at Frostburg State University.

Freshman and exercise and sports science major, Kyle Kershner of Towson, Maryland, very passionately stated the he would like to see more "cleanliness of the grounds. People just throw shit on the ground, like ice cream." He then went on to suggest a possible solution, "Just put some trees in, make it look nice. More aesthetically pleasing, you know?" Another freshman, Alec Tfleckl of Nokesville, Virginia, who is a political science and education major, stated that, "I heard you're not allowed to skate here. Like if you're riding in between classes you get like fined or something. So I would change that."

Senior and sociology major, Shayna Sandbank of Westminster, Maryland, stated that she wants to see a big change in the University. She said, "I would change the way that funds are distributed on campus. Like, I feel internships on campus should get some form of wage and go less to failing athletes." And of course one of the most common things that students want to change is the food. Nick Green is a junior and a chemistry major from Towson, Maryland, and he said that the one thing he would want to change is that he, "would add a chipotle to the campus."

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