Friday, October 25, 2013

On a Cold Thursday Morning... (Photo Showcase)

     This morning, I woke up and and asked myself while I walked out my apartment door, What happens on a Thursday in Frostburg? Well, actually my first question was, Why is there a sunny blue sky while it's snowing and is this a sign? As it turns out, there was quite a lot of thing happening, I just didn't know it yet. The following is my journey across the snowy Frostburg campus to discover the most interesting events on a Thursday.

National Society of Black Engineers 
raising money for their regional conference 
After my first hour shooting photos for The Bottom Line, I headed to Lane to try to get some feeling back in my fingers. The Lane Center was abuzz with students going to class, eating lunch, and as usual tables offering treats information for their fundraisers. My first event to cover before I had to run to class.

Delta Zeta celebrating the founding of the
 sorority 111 years ago by raising money 
for Speech and Hearing and Painted Turtle

Nothing but Nets raising money to 
send mosquito nets to help control
the spread of Malaria in Africa

Allegany Chamber of Commerce outstanding business awards 


     Next on my stop was the Lane Center once again to talk to some folks about what was happening where. I was rushing off to catch the main attraction when I spotted more well dressed people around the bottom of Lane. I couldn't stay long as my big break was about to happen soon.

Beach balls, cheerleaders and Bobcats oh my!

     The pep rally. A golden opportunity to get a picture to sum up today. There was the usual pep with a side of dancing and a food competition thrown to spicy up the night. Awful puns aside the main event was the unveiling of this year's homecoming king and queen. 



King Andy Krehbiel and Queen Candyce Thomas
     After my long adventure I think it's time for a hardy meal and to say, good night Frostburg. 

Spicy wing eating contest provided by Gianni's

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Andy Duncan said...

Some great photos here -- but not a single person identified!