Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Horrible Reality For Freshman: Homecoming Without A Ticket

Many people can argue that one of the worst things about being a Freshman is not being informed on huge events on campus. However, while these Freshman were not quick enough to obtain tickets for Homecoming weekend they did use the time to accomplish other things! As a Resident Assistant on weekend duty during Homecoming, I had the special opportunity to see how these opportunistic Freshman celebrated one of the biggest events at Frostburg State University.

This resident found that completing homework and surfing the web during Homecoming weekend was more fun than going out and dancing the night away.

This resident used Homecoming weekend to catch up on some laundry while everyone else was partying. He even made a game out of throwing his laundry in the machine!

Although these residents did not have Homecoming tickets, they still decided to search for some Homecoming activities during the weekend as a group. These residents ended up finding other non ticket holders and celebrating the festivities in unconventional ways.

Even though I was not allowed to leave the building during Homecoming weekend, it was very enjoyable watching the Freshman who were to slow to grab a ticket finding ways to have fun during the weekend. 

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