Wednesday, February 6, 2013

With Passion and Purpose: Sarah Galvin

Sarah Galvin at Port Stevens (Australia)
With Passion and Purpose: Sarah Galvin
By Steve Douglas, ENG 336.002

In today's world, there aren't too many young adults who work towards a long-term goal and do what inspires them in life. Most live day to day and do whatever is required of them, not trying to achieve anything more than what they must. That is why Sarah Galvin, 24, stands out from the crowd - she takes that extra step.

Sarah is currently finishing up her fourth year at Frostburg State University in Frostburg, Maryland, slowly approaching the end of her undergraduate college career in the spring of 2013. Even after spending two years at the Jacobs School of Music in Bloomington, Indiana before transferring to FSU, Sarah's academic prowess will continue to show as she focuses on remaining in Frostburg an extra year to receive her MAT degree - Master of Art in Teaching, a one-year intensive program offered at the university. Alongside her double major in English Literature and Music Performance, in addition to being a writing tutor at the Frostburg Tutoring Center and in the honors program, Sarah seems to have a bright future ahead of her.

Sarah, originally from Sykesville, Maryland in Carroll County, became largely influenced by music while growing up, leading her to taking up the clarinet in her younger years. She attended high school at the Interlochen Arts Academy, a coed private boarding school for the studious and artistically gifted international youth, in Interlochen, Michigan. According to Sarah, the school is "in the middle of nowhere," with nothing but "you, the trees, and your instrument." Coming out of high school and moving into her college years, Sarah has also had the opportunity to work in a couple of internships recently. During the summer of 2012, she researched and analyzed solar industries and jobs in an internship for GreenCollar Talent, a leader in green energy recruitment, in Sydney, Australia. Then, during the following Fall 2012 semester, she accepted an internship working under Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland as a result of her interest in law. This experience, coupled with the reported insecurity of law graduates in the job market, however, showed her that the conflict and tension between political parties simply wasn't for her, and she became attracted to the area of education, where she could indulge her passion for helping and improving the lives of others.

So what exactly makes Sarah Galvin the woman she is today? Is it her intelligence, her desire to make a difference, or her appreciation for the arts? Well, the correct answer would be all of the above. From being an outstanding student to even teaching students of Mountain Ridge High School how to perform Shakespearean scenes for the Allegany County Shakespeare Festival (covered by the Cumberland Times), Sarah strives to do her best in everything that she's involved in. But don't let her accomplishments fool you into thinking that this woman is all work and no play. Sarah loves getting to know people, establishing personal relationships with all of her friends, and making an impact in the lives of those she meets. During the interview, Sarah got very excited when talking about her life and almost leaped out of her chair saying, "Oh, I have a cat! His name's Emerson!" Remember to say hello to Emerson if you ever meet him, guys.

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