Thursday, February 7, 2013

Annabelle Busia: Superstar Philanthropist

           Annabelle Macy Busia was born on Wednesday October 28th in the year 1992.  In her home town of Silver Spring Maryland, she grew up dreaming of one day becoming a famous skater, doctor and at one point a scientist.  Even as a Mass Communications major she still doesn't entirely know what she wants to pursue after graduation, but what she does know is that she wants to travel and she wants to make a change.
           Busia says, "In five years, I definitely see myself in a leadership position doing something important." This is one ambitious woman. Earlier in her college career Busia studied abroad in Ireland"; I could probably have a two minute conversation with you in Gaelic," she says. When she graduates, Busia wants to become a publicist to a celebrity who has good goals and ambition.
           Her love of helping other people started when she was a little girl in the Girl Scouts. Since then she has gone to New Orleans to help with Habitat for Humanity.  She also has attended United Campus Ministry since she was a Freshman here at FSU; she is a very spiritual person. 
            As for her hobbies, she has many.  She loves to read but only for recreational purposes.  She is a collector of pets of which she has had three cats, fish, and rabbits. When asked her favorite holiday she said, "I'm tempted to say Christmas, but can I say Birthday? My Birthday is the only day that gets to be all about me."  The rest of her days she spends helping others. Her only fault is that she is not very apt at saving her money, though she says she is a bargain shopper, getting more for her money.
           You might see Annabelle around humming Adele or Jessie J. songs. Other times you'll see her inspiring and helping others, laughing, and having fun whenever she can. Watch out boys, she is a future entrepreneur and single!

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